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Training and Consultancy in Specific Topics

I.T.I. International Training Institute
(Asociado al Grupo Iberkleid de Empresas)
Training and Consultancy in Specific Topics

1- Education (See Blog Learning Aprendiendo con Esther
1-1- Mathematics
1-2- Chemistry
1-3- Physics
1-4- Methods in Education
1-5- Methods to Study

2- Business
2-1- Mastermind Groups (See Blog Business Coaching:
2-2- Systems Implementation (See blog NAPREX con Esther:

3-Wellness of the Human Being Evolve Yourself, your company and your Environment. (See Blogs:

Tools for your daily life to see it in a new different way finding lasting solutions quicker and easier

3-1- Solve conflicts and improve relations
        How to improve the relation with a partner
        How to improve the relation with your children
        How to improve family relations

3-2- Hot topics adolescence and Youth
        Self Esteem
        Trust yourself
        Education Performance at all levels
        Improve attention and concentration
        Healthy Eating
        Anorexia and Bulimia
        Responsible sexuality
        Specific Addictions

 3-3- Elderly Subjets
         Understanding the Process of Life
         Depression from an energetic view point
         Unknown messages: Find and solve them
         Living Young
         How to maintain the attitude I need and not the other one
                               between many others that can be addressed

Esther Coronel de Iberkleid
Cel.: 591 730 07479 (La Paz Bolivia)
Skype: esthersuchi2007

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